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UNIQUE impact

in Media and Public


Nothing can beat breaking news !

Communication is transforming the healthcare system, making it more
patient-centric, collaborative, innovative and effective.
Today's decision-makers in this particular environment work at the intersection of business, science, government and public. They develop sophisticated relationship, and define a strategy that maps to the requirements of this particular market. Moreover they use business and science best practices to execute their missions and deliver results.


Smart Communication

MMC uses communication strategically to improve health by optimizing...

_ Media Relations
_ Medical Relations
_ Patient Relations
_ Patient/Physician Interaction


Our strengths in Media Relations:

_ We choose relevant topics that make news
_ We choose the right media.
_ When dealing with media we get to the point.
_ We deliver background information immediately to predefine in
which context and how far journalists might dig.
_ Our carefully prepared story proactively controls the final message.
_ After having sent press releases we immediately follow-up.
_ We don’t confuse editorial with advertising.
_ We use the media as an opportunity to drive your company closer
to its goals!

Importance of broad media coverage in healthcare:

Often people with the greatest health burden have the least access
to information and communication technologies.

Although the convergence of media channels and the emergence of
the WWW have created a nearly ubiquitous networked communication infrastructure.

Most likely best outcome can be achieved in a synergistic co-operation
of all parties involved:



MMC -- a UNIQUE partner when smart communication is key



«Drive the business or it will drive you !»
-- Benjamin FRANKLIN



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