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It is widely known that to convey a clear message, graphical aids are of utmost importance.

Graphical visualization is the most effective and elegant way to communicate complex information and procedures to diverse audiences. Unambiguous and easy to understand graphical aids play a crucial role in many discoveries in basic science.

Thus scientific graphics design is an essential aspect of research, both during data analysis phase and for publication. In addition to stand-alone illustration -- drawing can be an efficient jump-start to larger, more complex projects such as animations and multi-media. Storyboarding and concept illustrations can help to ensure both quality and efficiency over the life of a project.


MMC knows your science and is eager to facilitate your needs in graphics design to more effectively convey your message:

_ Launching new medical product
_ Introducing new techniques in medicine
_ Marketing and training material
_ Support for education, training and research

We develop state-of-the-art visual graphic material and interactive training tools to demonstrate attributes of your competences and technology to a diverse audience -- regardless whether you require full support or “à la carte services”.

Our goal is...

... to present information clearly and simply while appealing to both logic and emotions.
... to provide the scientific community with clear and concise illustrations that accurately convey complex concepts and data.
... to aid in the preparation of scientific publications and encouraging efficient use of time by the author, scientist, and artist -- re-empowering science to the scientist.
... to mediate and increase communication between disciplines for the benefit of the scientific community and layperson alike.

We take pride in responsive, well-crafted solutions. All our projects benefit from our rigorous training and experience in science and design. MMC has the right mix of talent and expertise to help you succeed in your objectives.


10 rules to GREAT scientific illustrations

Tell your story: start (hunch) - experiments - conclusions
Control: move the reader through the illustration -- left to right, top to bottom.
Color: only when necessary, use it to direct focus. Within a specific project keep the components consistent from illustration to illustration.
Humor: only if appropriate to the subject matter.
Humanistic: humans love to see humans -- but avoid to anthropomorphize data or results.
Scientific text = scientific graphic: add parts or sections to clarify.
New ideas require simple illustrations: let the idea take focus, not the illustration.
Know your audience: don’t illustrate what is already known but clarify what the audience doesn’t know.
Never use defaults, they are usually WRONG!
Never hesitate to invest in good graphics: they always pay for themselves by clarifying your research and data to those around you.


MMC creates interest and stimulates imagination.



«The soul never thinks without a picture.»



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